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18 Amusing Things in Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Maturity of the Boys
Fortunately, this article is not required to decide who the better man for Bella is. The last thing a guy would want is to get caught between the crossfire of Team Edward and Team Jacob. Except for the part where Jacob dreams of tearing Edward’s head off, both of them seem more mature in this film. Jacob isn’t as hot-headed as before and Edward has accepted the fact that he can never be rid of Jacob.

An Angry Edward
Edward tends to put Bella on a pedestal even though a lot of people would say it should be the other way around. In New Moon, he leaves her because he thought he could save her that way. In Breaking Dawn, he finally puts his foot down and shouts at Bella for choosing to die for the baby. Go, Edward, tell her what you want!

Jacob's Leadership

In the trailers, it's obvious that this film would be concentrating more on Bella and Edward's relationship. However, while watching it, I realize that Jacob is also given a lot of time to grow as a character. His leadership is given focus. He defies Sam in order to protect Bella and even gets to recruit Seth and Lea to his cause. Truly, he is in the process of discovering himself and forging his own path.

Makeup Inconsistency
I know it's really hard to make the vampires as white as snow. However, I believe that consistency is needed in making someone extremely pale. During the wedding reception, you may notice a discrepancy in how the Cullens were shown. Carlisle, Edward, and Emmett are very white, while Esme and Alice have the same skin color as the human attendees. Watch it again if you don't believe me (you know you want to, anyway)!

If there's one sure thing that your boyfriend enjoyed in Breaking Dawn, Irina is it. Played by Maggie Grace (Lost, Taken), she looks like she was born to be a vampire. During the brief time that she was shown, she exudes radiance and beauty beyond any human could achieve.
If you're planning on talking to your guy about watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 (a Herculean task, I might add), remind him that Irina is going to be there. It might make it a lot easier for him to comply.

Show some love for the little guy. When Jacob abandons the pack and set off to warn the Cullens, Seth is initially the only one who went with him. Asked why he was there, he said that it’s the right thing to do. That's bravery and decency right there! Forget about Jacob or Sam; if Seth were Alpha, then everything would have been alright.

Questionable Honeymoon Choice
For their honeymoon, Edward seems so sweet as he takes Bella to a secret location that nobody knows about. However, Dad Charlie Swan is worried, and he has a right to be. Why all the secrets? If we didn’t know Edward any better, and if this weren’t a fantasy/romance film, we would think that he’s just looking for the right spot to eat Bella and hide her bones.

Bella Tries to be Provocative
We have to hand it to Bella. Faced with a dreamy husband who does not want to touch her, she embarks on a futile quest to become a vixen overnight. However, Edward is right to bury his face and hide behind the pillows. A sexy Bella is just never going to happen.

Vampires as Excellent Housekeepers
Seriously, I think the Cullens are missing out on a big business opportunity here. Did you see how fast Edward packed their clothes when he discovered that Bella was pregnant? With that kind of speed and eye for organization, they could be the housekeepers for the entire world! For example, what girl wouldn’t want a dreamy Edward to help her with chores? Instead, the vampires are just too busy fighting with werewolves. Sigh. It’s really sad when people waste their abilities.

Blood is Like Cherry-Flavored Soda?
We all know that if not for Jacob's snarky thought about feeding blood to the baby, then Bella would have died. However, that's not the most significant part of that scene. It's when Edward puts the blood inside a cup and asks Bella to drink through a STRAW. Bella drinks and smiles like it’s her most favorite drink in the world.
Disgusted, Jacob looks, shudders, and probably thinks how on earth he could fall for someone like that. It’s a simple rule, really. If your lady starts drinking blood, stay away.

Bella and her Baby Names
Maybe it was the supernatural pregnancy, maybe not. Whatever it was, Bella needs to work on her creativity. Edward Jacob “EJ” Cullen just sounds so wrong, and thankfully, that name will never see the light of day. However, the same can’t be said for Renesmee. Edward smiles and tells his wife that the name is perfect for their daughter (he’s just being a good husband), while Jacob just gives a smirk because of the absurdity of it all.

Freaky Birth Scene
If you don't want to say it, I will. The birth scene was probably the scariest part of the film. In fact, it looked like a scene from an Aliens or an Exorcism movie. Can't decide? It probably looked like both.

Different Ways of Coping with Death—Edward's Denial and Jacob’s Despair
Right after the baby was born, Bella freezes and stops breathing. Edward and Jacob try to bring her back to life, but at the time, it seemed like a lost cause. In this situation, we see here a difference in their reactions. Edward refuses to accept that Bella is dead, so he goes on a frenzy to try and find another way to save her.
On the other hand, Jacob leaves the room and cries by himself thinking this is really the end. You really can't judge who handles the situation better—all we know is that both guys are trying to cope with what just happened—the person they loved the most in the world is gone.

Renesmee: What is She?
Aside from the Volturi conflict that will surely happen in Breaking Dawn Part 2, the main thing to watch for is how Renesmee will grow up. I am genuinely interested to see how they handle her character and hope that this hybrid turns out to be the best addition to the franchise.

Imprint: Convenient and a Bit Creepy

Baby Renesmee was so fortunate that Jacob imprinted on her. Although this made the Quileute wolves retreat, I found the development too convenient for everybody. Because of it, vampire-werewolf battles will stop, and Jacob will finally forget about being rejected by Bella. Additionally, isn't it just a bit too creepy that he falls in love with someone who's just a baby?

Kristen Stewart Needs a Zombie Role
Okay, let's get this straight. I know there are a lot of different opinions about this, but I personally think Kristen is attractive. That being said, we may have found the perfect actress to play a zombie. When she was shown lying down on the table, thought to be dead, all I could think of was that the makeup artists have finally come up with the perfect zombie template.
Move over, The Walking Dead, we have ourselves a winner! Like this article if you really want to see her play a zombie in the future.

The Volturi Need to be Slapped
I don’t really think that the Volturi are amusing at all. Honestly, they’re the most annoying set of vampires I have ever watched. It’s bad enough that they’re bullies, but why do they have to be such boring bullies? They sit on their abnormally large chairs all day, read some messages, and decide like some corrupt politician. This is not how vampire leadership should look like.

The Audience
Watching a Twilight movie is not complete if you don't take in the audience reactions. My seatmate was literally squealing during some Edward and Bella scenes, while someone from the back was blaming Bella because she forced Edward into getting her pregnant.
Let's not even touch the shirtless Jacob scenes. Gasps and laughs were all over the place during the entire film. Say what you want about theTwilight series, but everyone has to agree that it's one of the best in making sure cinemas don’t have a dead audience.
I'm so sure there are lot more amusing things in Breaking Dawn that we were not able to cover. Leave a comment and tell us about them! Discourse is always fun, especially when it involves vampires, werewolves, and Bella drinking blood through a straw like it's cherry-flavored soda.

To tell you honestly, I, myself, haven't still watch this movie. I just found in on and i'm really eager to read this!! :)

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