Saturday, December 17, 2011

My FIRST Satchel.

Satchel Bags is one of the things that some girls wants nowadays. I, myself, REALLY WANT IT TO! but it was a bit, pricey  for a student like me. So i'm thinking to just drool over it on the internet.

But, Good things really comes to those who wait. Voguely Van, one of my favorite blogger, came up with something that I know, every reader wants!, A GIVEAWAY. The prizes are a Satchel Bag and accessories from her. So I immediately joined the giveaway, who knows? I might just win.

after months of waiting, to tell you honestly, I almost forgot that I joined her giveaway pala :P , She finally announced the winner. I've been MIA that time because our internet connection was cut. But, luckily when it finally came back, as I was checking my emails, I saw a comment from HER in one of my blog post. I was a little bit nervous because I am clueless why she commented on my blog, because i don't find my blog interesting to be commented on...

Then the comment says that I WON HER GIVEAWAY! I was so shocked to know! I was super lucky to be chosen. :)

after a week, the package has arrived!

My NEW Satchel from Cole Vintage

and it comes with a sweet note too!
love the lips sticker!

Thank you also Ms. Vanessa :)

all in all, I was a happy girl!!! I immediately used the bag the other day and I got a lot of compliments about the bag! Yaaaayyy! 

Again, Thank you so much Ms. Vanessa :) I'm still your reader and forever i'll be. 


Happy Holidays !! <3

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dina vanessa mercado said...

haha i just read this made me deserve it honey..kisses! :)