Friday, December 16, 2011


Christmas is fast approaching and all of us go gaga in what gift are we giving to our love ones. I've never tried buying clothes online because some of them only accept payment via Paypal or Bank ( sheez! ). As I was reading my emails, one caught my attention. An email addressing to a website named UNESTABLISH ( as what my title says. ) and due to my curiosity I immediately click their site....

and what surprise me? BUNCH OF CLOTHES! THEY SELL ONLINE!!!. I scan all their albums and I think i'm gonna die while seeing their clothes!!!! meeennn! I SUPER LOVE THEM

Here's a QUICK details about the store:

Founded in Singapore in 2010 and currently housed under fashion concept boutiques like Victoria Jomo Designers, 5:10 Concept Store and A-MOD, Ready.Made designs for urban, modern and sociable customers. Customers who are not only looking for the latest trends, but who are looking for individual taste and style. Ready.Made aims to reflect its own personal style into its capsules and yet maintain comfortable relaxed trendy silhouettes for its customers to choose.

and here are some of the clothes that caught my attention:

KLING Skirt Denim Dots
plus points because it is a fluid skirt! :)

Ready.Made Sleves of Ghum Top
When I first saw this picture, i fell in love with this easily!! and this clothe also save us from using accessories :)))

and last but definitely NOT the least..

Ready.Made Box Square Floral Dress
I love the prints on this dress. It can be girly and preppy because of the florals all around it. I can wear it ANYWHERE. You can also use silver accessories to lighten up the dark colors of the flowers used.

That's it! You can also visit their site so you can choose what clothes you like to have or to give this Christmas.

Check their site:

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