Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Friday of 2011.

I spent the last friday of 2011 with my Cousin, Anne. We first bought clothes at Market-Market then headed to Serendra then Bonifacio High Street.

Here's what I wore:

Sheer Top: from giveaway || Satchel: Cole Vintage , from a giveaway also || Shorts: Thrifted

First time to wear this sheer top that I won in Krishykitsch's Giveaway . I also wore my flats from BClub ( not seen in the photo ) because I know we will be walking all day long.

Get ready for some photo overload! haha :P too tired to add a lot of words. 

We first sat down in Serendra while eating our snacks.

Me and my cousin.

inside Serendra. Sooo inlove with that fountain!!
Then we go to Boni. High right after.






I looked a little bit taller here :P
We decided to go home na, but my cousin told me that there will be a fountain later on, so we waited for it and taaaadddddaaaaaaaaaa!!!


The water came in to my shoes. eff! >|


That's how I spent the last friday of 2011. I had so much fun roaming around,window shopping,laughing my hearts out and capturing photos with my cousin. It was also our first time to make gala without a car and our parents. Aaaaahhhhhh! we grown up na tlga -___-

That's it for today!!
Will go to Makati later to have our New Year's Eve Celebration with my relatives <3
Happy New Year to all of you!!
looking forward to a better year this 2012 :)

P.S || Iwasan ang paputok. Soundtrip nalang kayo :P ||

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Christeen said...

Hi, nice photos, I love to see that fountaing on the fifth photo; mind me asking where to find it?

thanks and happy new year :)