Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Sunday on E.K

We spent our Easter Sunday on one of my favorite amusement parks here in the Philippines, Enchanted Kingdom! I know some of you can agree to me that E.K is totally outrageous! Especially when you try riding Space Shuttle :P

Before we headed to E.K , we first had our lunch  at KFC.

Me and my Sissy enjoying the photobooth :))

Then FINALLY!! Hello E.k! We meet again :)

My favorite place to pose for pictures :P

I love this place!! 

Flying Fiesta :)

With the main attraction of E.K , SPACE SHUTTLE! I rode here for FOUR TIMES!!
Imagine how dizzy I am that day :)))

On the line for Jungle Log 

Rialto!! I hate this one.
This made me a deaf on that day :/

Rio Grande!!
Too bad it was under maintenance :(

Carousel! Rode the Space Shuttle then this was one of the BADDEST idea I've ever done :(


Whole Clan!! love them, SUPER <3

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I had so much fun and dizziness that day ( blame it to Space Shuttle and Anchors Away ) but I really enjoyed it!! I'll definitely be going back :)

Better go their especially if your a STUDENT.
Just present your I.D and your ticket will be discounted.
It's with a free snack too!

I just hate the fact that E.K doesn't allow foods and bottled water inside. 
And also that day, the discount is not accepted.
They said that it will be applicable at the end of April
well in fact their website posted it already that it is NOW available.
Nevertheless, I love this place even though it gives a BIG hole in our wallets :P

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